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  • Généralités

    Language Teaching and Technology

    This course will cover both theoretical and practical issues in teaching second language and the use of online and web-based technology. A special emphasis will be on combining both face-to-face and online approaches to enhance the second language learning process. Although the course will address the different tools of technology (synchronous, asynchronous, multimedia, etc.) associated with online learning, the emphasis of the course is on the pedagogical aspect of integrating online learning to face-to-face language teaching.

  • Section 1

    Monday July 4

    Blog and e-portfolio

    We will create our own blog for this course and explore how blog could be used as a portfolio for a class.

  • Section 2

    Tuesday July 5

    Online collaboration tools: google doc et autres

    We will explore some online clolaboration tools, the used of synonyme, definition, and traduction tools.

  • Section 3

    Wednesday July 6

    Learning Managment System/Wikispace

    We will explore the use of moodle and WIKI space in a teching point of view

  • Section 4

    Thursday July 7

    Synchronize online learning system
    Elluminate, Video conferencing and Skipe

  • Section 5

    Friday July 8

    Web 2.0 tools

    We will explore Web 2.0 tools and use the TPACK model to create an activity that can be used with students.
  • Section 6

    Monday July 11

    Video and Audio

    Editing audio and video files for language assignments

  • Section 7

    Tuesday July 12

    Interactive technology

    Using smart response or the equivalent we will used interactive tools to create participatory classroom environment

  • Section 9

    Thursday July 14

    Work on Project

    The project

    Using your WIKI section lesson you will:

    Record a lesson Introduction using Photo Booth and post it in your wiki lesson.

    Post a document Instruction on the topic.

    Post a document Exercices on the topic.

    Create a video reviewing the concept and post it.

    Post the cultural corner. or a (did you know) corner. (music video...)

    Good work and have fun.

  • Section 10

    Friday July 15

    Show and Share and Cloud technology